Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike Review 

Strider-12 Classic Balance Bike

Strider is a company that is happy to create bicycles that are lightweight, efficient, and fun to ride for all age groups. They love creating bikes that will build children’s confidence and have been in business since 2007 doing it. That is why the Strider 12 Classic Balance bike is so impressive. It is a bike that is designed for kids between 18 months and 3 years so that they can enjoy learning how much fun a bicycle can be.

​ Features of the Strider 12 Balance Bike 

These bikes are designed to help children learn to appreciate mobility and freedom. Their primary job is to help kids learn to balance themselves when on two wheels. This builds coordination and confidence so that they can ride earlier and easier.

​They have a high-performance design. Complete assembly can be done in less than five minutes of your time. This includes adjusting the seat and handlebars to work well with your child’s size, whether they are closer to 18 months or older. The handlebars and seat adjust from 11-16 inches and 18-22 inches respectively. The frame has an integrated footrest for when children are able to build up a little speed and coast on their bicycle.

​The wheels are ultra-light and one piece. They will not go flat thanks to the fact that they are EVA polymer tires.

​The Strider 12 has a seat that is tailored to fit toddlers. This means it has a mini saddle seat for kids that are up to 36 inches tall. Older children who are 60 pounds and under will be able to use the XL seat if you choose to purchase it separately.

​Other ways that you can improve this bike as your child’s skill needs require, you can add on a rear brake for them. This will ensure that if they are going too fast, they have the ability to slow down without putting their feet down first. These should not be used when a child is small or before they have the ability to ride at a faster pace.

​This bike is covered by a 2-year factory warranty. This will protect you from defects with the bicycle and means that if anything fails, you are covered and can get it replaced or repaired.

​ Strider 12 Buyers’ Feedback 

Overall, the people who have purchased this bike, give it a very high rating. Most all parents and grandparents say that it is a 5-star bike with a better than expected shopping experience. This is why after more than 450 reviews, it manages to maintain a consistent 4.7-star rating. Everyone loves the quality of the bike, the fact that it is a lightweight option, and the way their toddler looks on it while riding. Most all say that their toddler took to riding it almost immediately and that it made the transition from balance bike to pedal bike much easier to deal with. There are some parents who say that after using the balance bike, their child could transition in maybe 10 minutes rather than the months that it would normally take. Many parents also state that they have purchased several bikes for other kids within their family and they have seen positive results for every child on their shopping list. The average age for most parents and grandparents to purchase a balance bike for the kids in their family is 2-years.

​Of the very few complaints, you will find that many people say that the seat is too hard for their child to ride comfortably. Others say that they are disappointed by the tires because instead of rubber, they are plastic. There have been situations where certain parts were not included in the package, but for the most part, customer service is excellent when it comes to dealing with these issues. It is even stated by many parents who do not like the bicycle, customer service is wonderful.

​ Our Opinion of the Strider 12 Balance Bicycle 

The simple truth is, not every child will enjoy this bike. The seat does seem uncomfortable for several children, but we do not feel that it is something you can know ahead of time. We feel that since a majority of people love it; you cannot go wrong with considering this bike. It is durable enough to keep up with most active children and looks enough like a “real” bike to make most kids want to give it a try. If your child doesn’t take a liking to it, it could be simply that they are not ready for a balance bike. We don’t feel that that is a problem for Strider as a company and we do not feel that it is a quality issue with the bike.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Covered by a 2 Year Warranty
  • Tires Will Not Go Flat
  • Ideal for a Wide Age Range


  • Seat Is Hard for Some Children
  • Must Purchase Extra Parts Occasionally
  • Not All Kids Love It