Schwinn Balance Bike Review 

Schwinn Balance Bike

Remember the days when owning a Schwinn made you one of the cool kids? They were the days when everyone wanted to own one because they stood for quality and looked extremely cool. Times have changed, but the quality and style of a Schwinn hasn’t changed. The only difference is, they now create balance bikes so that kids can enjoy riding a bike much earlier. Are they the bike for your toddler? Read our Schwinn balance bike review to find out.

Features of the Schwinn Balance Bike 

This very stylish bike is available in four colors to ensure that your child loves taking it for a spin. You can choose from pink, red, blue, or green, depending on your toddlers most favorite color.

​It is a 12-inch bicycle, which means that it has 12-inch tires. The tires are air tires and they do make use of tubes. This gives the balance bike a realism that some balance bikes don’t have. It also ensures that the bicycle will roll easily in all types of terrain.

​The frame is small, designed to be a foot to floor frame. The seat and handlebars are adjustable to help a broader range of kids be able to ride it comfortably while learning to balance.

​It is a lightweight bicycle. It weighs in at only 13.6 pounds. This will enable your child to ride it easily and in the event that they do take a tumble, your child should be able to pick the bike up, and start riding again.

​If the seat is set as low as it can go, it will measure at approximately 13.5”. For most children, this means that they will not be able to ride on it until they are two-years-old. However, if your child is tall, they may be able to ride it sooner and a child who is on the shorter side may have to wait until they are older. When you extend the seat to its maximum height, it will be approximately 16.5 inches high. This is ideal for preschool aged children and proves that a variety of size children can enjoy it for many years.

​ Schwinn Balance Bike Buyers’ Feedback 

With an average rating of 4.3-stars after more than 600 reviews, it is quite obvious that most people still enjoy a Schwinn bicycle. Many parents say that they feel that it is ideal for their 2-and-a-half-year-old and this does seem like the ideal start age for most kids. Most parents say that it is a very sturdy bicycle that can handle a lot of wear and tear without suffering major damage. They say the tires make it possible to enjoy, even if you live in the country where unsteady terrain is a concern. They say that it has a comfortable seat and that so far, they have seen an improvement in their child’s balance. Some parents also say that they know of older children who prefer to ride the balance bike over a bicycle that they have with training wheels, because it does give them more control.

​A complaint about this bike is the heaviness and the size of it. At 13 pounds, it is not going to be easily picked up by a two-year-old and if your child is shorter than average, they may not be able to ride it. Most parents recommend that a child be approximately 37” tall before they attempt to ride this bicycle and many parents would prefer to be able to start their child out on a balance bike at a much younger age. Some parents also state that the paint scratches off too easily. There are a few cases where the bike was scratched up when they received it and at least one complaint about rust being on it from the manufacturer.

​ Our Opinion of the Schwinn Balance Bike 

We feel that the Schwinn balance bike has earned a high rating for its durability in all types of terrain. We also feel that most all parents, grandparents, and children will enjoy having this bike as a first bike. However, we do feel that it is a bicycle that is designed for taller children and that parents should keep this in mind when considering the Schwinn balance bike. It is not going to be ideal for every child as soon as they reach their second birthday. We do not feel this is an imperfection for the bicycle, because it is a bike that is great if your child is ready for it. The paint scratches and some people feeling as though it is damaged from the factory is a slight issue, but does not impact the overall performance of it. If it bothers you that it has slight issues, you can easily touch up the paint.


  • Schwinn Quality and Style
  • Rubber Tires Are Easy to Ride On
  • Ideal for Use as a First Bicycle
  • Adjustable Seat and Handlebars for Years of Use


  • Weight and Size
  • Paint Durability