KaZAM Classic Balance Bike Review 

KaZam Classic Balance Bike

If you feel that your little kid is ready for a big kid bike and the freedom that comes with it, but you feel confident that they are not totally ready for a big kid pedal bike; the KaZAM Classic could be ideal. It looks as great as any big kids bike ever has, but it does not have pedals on it. This makes it easier for most kids to focus on learning to balance and steer before having to pedal and brake. To learn more about this very cool balance bike, you should read our full KaZAM Classic balance bike review.

Features of the KaZAM Balance Bike 

​This balance bike is 12 inches of steel. The frame has a patented design that kids love because of the footrest that is built into the middle of it. It is proven that kids love the foot rest because their natural instinct is to raise their legs and coast. The easy step in footrest ensures they have a comfortable place for their feet.

​The 12-inch rubber tires are air inflated so that they are able to roll easily over a variety of terrain. Your child can use it on sidewalks or in their yard. This is further enhanced by steel spokes and other quality components.

​The raised molded seat and chrome handlebars are adjustable. You will be able to adjust it as your child grows and ensure that they are comfortable on it at all times. This is made nicer by the fact that the saddle has a quick release adjustment on it.

​It is designed to comfortably hold children who are over 2-years-old and less than 75 pounds. This balance bike ensures comfort on many levels, including, padded grips on the handlebars and a seat that is slightly raised in the rear.

​The KaZAM Classic is available in a large variety of colors for you to choose from. There are blues, yellows, reds, greens, and more.

​The adjustable seat can start out at 14-inches and extend up to 17.5 inches. The handlebars extend from 18.75 to 22.5 inches. The dimensions of this bike are 33 x 4.75 x 22.5 inches and the weight is only 11.2 pounds.

​It comes with a two-year warranty to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. You will have to assemble parts of it, but for the most part, assembly is minimal.

KaZAM Classic Buyers’ Feedback 

​Overall, parents and children love this little, big kid bicycle. Many parents say that it is big fun for their growing toddler and pre-school aged child. This fact is proven in the 4.3-star rating. Parents like that the seat adjusts without tools, that it is light, and is backed by an awesome customer support team. They enjoy the fact that it is easy to put together and that their child can ride it with ease within just a few minutes of opening the box. Kids love the bright, bold, and beautiful colors that stay looking great even after extended, frequent use. They also tend to take advantage of the built in footrest when riding.

​If you look at the negative reviews, they are mostly regarding the way a person’s child felt about the bicycle. This is not necessarily a downside for the bike, it simply means that not every child will want a balance bike. However, there are some families who ordered one color and received another and there have also been issues where the bike developed issues soon after purchase. In these cases, either KaZAM contacted the person directly or was told that they can contact KaZAM for help. Some parents do say that their child does not like the seat and that some children have issues with it moving around while they ride.

Our Opinion of the KaZAM Classic 

​In general, we feel that the KaZAM Classic is worth considering. There are many more people who feel that it is a great first bike than those who say that it isn’t. You do need to take into consideration your child’s height and their ability before choosing any balance bike. Measure them to see if it is going to be a good fit. For the most part, if your child is between 2-6 they should be able to ride it and it has proven itself according to most people, to be able to last through the years. We personally like that it has a warranty to protect you from faulty parts or defects, even if they show up after two years of enjoyment for your child. This is not something that many other balance bikes are willing to provide, since kids are often rough with their toys.


  • Durable Steel Frame
  • 2 Year Warranty Coverage
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Beautiful Balance Bike Color Options
  • Easy Assembly


  • Quick Release Adjustable Seat
  • Possibly Too Large for 2-Year-Olds