Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike Review 

One thing is going to always hold true in this world and that is the simple fact that people love anything that is made of wood. That is one feature that makes the Diggin Active Skuut a popular choice for many parents who want to provide a balance bike for their child. Is wooden the best option? Read our Diggin Active Skuut wooden balance bike review to see for yourself.

Features of the Diggin Active Skuut 

​Of the best things about the Diggin balance bike is that it is made from wood and for every Skuut sold, Diggin will plant a tree. This means it is perhaps one of the most environmentally friendly bikes on the market today. There are no metal frames that will one day end up in a landfill and very little plastic or rubber parts to end up there either.

This bike is available in red, pink, blue, and green. This is to ensure that every kid will get the color that they prefer. However, you will not have a solid color bike. The colors are meant to be an accent. Therefore, they are on the seat, handle bars, and front trim. The rest is pure, beautiful wood.

The Skuut has won several awards for quality. These awards include, “The Oppenheim Gold Seal”, “Creative Top Toy of the Year” and many more. This proves that they are worth owning and that you can trust in this balance bike if you have a child that is between 2-5-years-old.

It does come with a 90-day limited warranty to ensure that when you receive it, all parts of it can meet your expectations. The wood that is used to create it is Birchwood and it weighs only 9.9 pounds when shipped.

The dimensions of this bicycle are 21.25 x 6 x 33 inches. It has 12-inch tires. Your child will be able to ride it safely until they reach about 70 pounds so that you will not have to upgrade their bike until they are ready for a pedal bicycle.

Assembly is easy. Most people can assemble the bike in less than five minutes of their time, even with the handlebar that is limited on its turning radius. The steering wheel will only turn 5-10 degrees to the left or right to ensure that your child can focus more on balancing than learning how to control the steering wheel.

 Diggin Active Skuut Buyers’ Feedback 

Even though most people state that it is perfect for their child and many have purchased it for children who are around two-years-old; the reviews for this are all over the place. This gives it a star rating of only 3.8 after nearly 300 reviews. Many parents state that even though their child didn’t want to ride on a tricycle, they loved getting this bike and ride on it often. For some parents, even though it has minor issues, such as needing an extra washer to tighten things up or a handlebar that doesn’t stay in place very well, they still love the bicycle.

There are some people who feel that customer support is not the best. At least one person said that they were having issues with it and could not get it repaired. They were also unable to get replacement parts for a repair that they were willing to do for themselves. Many people claim that replacement parts are impossible to find. Several say that you must take care of this bike or it will not be a good ride for your child for very long. They say you need to tighten bolts often and never leave it out in the rain.

 Our Opinion of the Diggin Active Skuut 

The issues that many people have with this bike, do cause major concern. Most people love the idea of wooden bicycles. However, if you are unable to find parts or have it worked on, you may have issues that cause you to dislike the product. However, if you are not against working a little to keep the bike out of the weather and you do not mind tightening a screw or a bolt occasionally, we feel it could still be a great bike. There is a little debate over what age group will get the most enjoyment out of it. For that, we suggest that you measure your child before you purchase it, but if they are around the two-year mark, even if they cannot ride it immediately, they will grow into soon. Some may ride it sooner and some may need to wait. It all depends on their size and the only way to know for sure is to let them try out other balance of the same approximate size. You can do this at most retail stores and then make your purchase online if you want to.


  • Made with 100% Birchwood
  • Ideal for Most Kids 2 and Up
  • Easy for Kids to Learn to Balance and Ride On


  • Wooden Bikes Require maintenance
  • Customer Support Not Great